Geoff and Peter Waters

Quantity and Quality
- Geoff and Peter Waters

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“Soil type, low rainfall and inconsistent yields, forced us to look for a strategy or system that would ensure more consistent production levels for both quantity and quality. The RLF program gave us the ability to collect comprehensive information about our soils, and begin addressing crop nutrition through soil nutrient balance if required, then seed quality, where BSN Superstrike is applied to increase Phosphorus and trace element levels and early vigour. After applying our base fertiliser, we then assess crop needs through visual inspections; soil and or tissue test information, and then apply CSF foliars as planned and required. We now have a template (RLF integrated program) that gives a far better bottom line finacially.”

Farmers: David and Linda Campbell Property Size: 12000ha’s
Location: Esperance Annual Rainfall: 375mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Barley, Lupins, Beans, and Sheep Time on RLF Program: 10 years +

New Ways to Increase Yield
- Paul and Frith Chapman

“We are always looking at new ways to increase yields. The bigger root systems that we see after...

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Keep the Crops on Track
- Russell and Vicky Hooper

“The RLF program enables us to supply trace elements over a large area of our farm at optimum ti...

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Improve the Quality and Quantity
- Murray and Vicky Dixon

“Our strategy is simple “we want to improve the quality and quantity of the crops that we grow...

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Treating the Seed from day one!
- Wags and Sonia Siemer

“We have been treating our seed with BSN Superstrike for 3 years now to ensure our crop has enou...

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Hitting the Target
- Jeff and Kaye Hooper

“BSN Superstrike is great at promoting root growth to give the seed an early kick. I like the nu...

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Good Early Vigour
- Ron and Lorraine Shreeve

“I like the idea of good early vigor and that’s why I treat my seed with BSN Superstrike. It p...

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Total Farm Plan
- Ray and Hillary Sedgwick

“We wanted a total farm planned approach to our farming system and after using the RLF products ...

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Flexibility to top all Nutrients
- Phil and Susan Fisher

“I have been on the RLF program for many years now and I like the way BSN Superstrike increases ...

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Far More Versatile
- Ed, Vera, Myles and Owen Garner

“Adopting the RLF integrated approach; comprehensive soil analysis became a priority, with the u...

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Cost Effectively
- Ralph Diprose

“BSN Seed nutrient dressing allows for quicker establishment and extra root mass of young plants...

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Quicker and Stronger

“We have found that BSN seed nutrient dressing improves the vigour of the seed, allowing for qui...

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Garen and Karen Parker

Ground to Top
- Garen and Karen Parker

“What I like about the RLF program is that I can make the crops grow vigorously under the ground...

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Michael Pearlman

Second Season Using BSN
- Michael Pearlman

This is my second season using BSN. I was satisfied with the results of the trails we ran last yea...

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Colin and Debbie Smeeton

Less than a Cold Beer
- Colin and Debbie Smeeton

“When I was first introduced to the RLF program, I was a little sceptical as to how it would fit...

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Ian and Rob Kitto

Saves us Money
- Ian and Rob Kitto

“The sandplain we farm is very productive, but leaching had always been a big issue for us with ...

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Michael Pearlman

Year in, Year out!
- David and Linda Campbell

“We like our crops to jump out of the ground and BSN Superstrike helps us to achieve that year i...

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An Absolute Must
- Geoff Chase

“BSN nutrient seed dressing is an absolute must in any season. We use foliar fertilisers to enha...

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