What is BSN? | Delivering the Nutrients Directly into the Seed

Fertilising the Seed

You are not coating but fertilising the seed by using RLF SDS (Seed Delivery System) technology to transfer nutrients inside (imbibed) the seed.


You are Fertilising the Seed

BSN fertilises the seed by supplying it with the optimum level of nutrients. BSN is engineered to safely deliver the nutrients into the seed embryo (called imbibing or imbibed). With optimum nutrient in the seed, germination, early growth and young plant formation is directly supported through the early weeks of development.

This practice, called seed priming is proven to achieve growth, yield and many other environmental benefits because the plant is able to satisfy its nutrient requirements directly from seed.  The seed is primed to achieve the best possible start available to it. In fact, through priming the seed, the embryo registers and establishes the maximum yield potential of the plant. As a result this allows the plant to develop superior root mass and vigorous and strong shoots, tillers and leaf.

BSN is unlike almost any other seed treatment product in the market today. Fertilising the seed by using RLF seed priming technology and BSN is fast becoming the next step in modern farming practice.

Large increases in Seed internal Nutrient Concentrations are achieved with BSN