Seed Priming

Fertilising the Seed

The priming of the seed elevates all critical nutrients to within optimum range. The seed embryo senses that BSN has elevated the levels of nutrient and sets potential for maximum yield. BSN continues to provide benefit in the first 2-3 weeks following germination by providing Phosphorus and Trace Elements from the primed seed to the young plant when availability of granular fertiliser is often limited. Following planting BSN drives early vigour root system development improving uptake of granular fertiliser and access to moisture whilst generating increased soil organic matter, root turn over and microbial activity. The BSN mode of action combined with optimisation of seed nutrient levels deliver yield increases in the range of 5% – 20%, improved tolerance to climatic conditions and substantial financial returns to the grower.

BSN Superstrike
BSN Ultra
BSN Hybrid