RLF Technology | Technology and Product Features

RLF Technology

RLF is a high-technology developer and manufacturer of liquid fertiliser products for agriculture – all of which are engineered and based on plant science.
RLF products are based on two key developed and proprietary technologies;

  • Nutrient Delivery Technology has allowed RLF to formulate products that can be quickly and efficiently be delivered into the seed (imbibed) or into the plant through the leaf and cell walls.
  • High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solutions – RLF has developed technology to allow for the safe and stable formulation of products that contain up to 12 nutrients without any element antagonism or conflict.

This means that RLF products are able to achieve the safe delivery of a broad-spectrum of nutrients directly to the seed or plant – with reliability and integrity – ensuring the maximum chance for effectiveness and results for the farmer and grower customers.

RLF has developed a fully integrated and complete range of liquid fertiliser products designed for the needs of your farmer and growers.


RLF Product Features

High-analysis, Broad-spectrum Solutions
RLF’s world-leading technology that enables the safe formulation and manufacture of fertiliser in a concentrated solution that contain many nutrients – all stable and safely engineered for the plant.

Crop Nutrient Removal
RLF applies the science of nutrient removal in the development and
formulation of its high technology products. Crop Nutrient Removal
science allows RLF to calculate the quantity of nutrients for every
formulation as to balance those nutrients removed during the
plant cycle.

SDS – Seed Delivery System
World-leading first RLF-developed technology that bonds with the
nutrient elements to efficiently and safely transport them directly into the seed embryo. This process is called imbibing and it is
essential in the success of fertilising the seed directly with nutrient.

Stable Solution
RLF products are high concentration at specific gravity values between 1.2 and 1.5 – they are engineered in the formulation to ensure that they maintain full integrity. RLF products are tested, accredited and in quality solution that assures stability
and longevity.

NDS – Nutrient Delivery System
World-leading RLF’s specially formulated nutrient carrier-technology that bonds with the nutrient elements in solution to transfer them straight into the plant through the leaf cell walls and then directly into the cells themselves.

Build + Increase Organic Matter
RLF high-technology products build and increase organic matter through the development of a larger root mass, greatly increased fine root hairs and a higher rate of root turnover caused by increased microbial activity and the resulting increase in plant exudate. This is supported by the increase in plant nutrient levels and the increase in the mass of growth matter – both returning to the soil at harvest.

RDS – Rapid Delivery System
RLF’s specially formulated technology that utilises a balance of high-quality chelates and RLF nutrient carrier-technology to enact nutrient transfer rapidly with high-efficiency into the plant and throughout its cells.

Quality Assured
Accredited ISO9001:2008 certification enables RLF to demonstrate high levels of service quality and to show that internationally recognised quality management principles are followed.

High-Performance Formulations
RLF High-analysis Broad-spectrum products have up to 12 nutrient elements delivered to the plant or seed in a single application – meaning that this one product can perform many functions and achieve many outcomes in this high performance formulation.

World-Leading RLF Product
RLF have delivered products to the market that are recognised as
world-leading and innovative. Its technologies are scientifically advanced and provide solutions that support modern
farming practice.

Plant Physiology + Chemistry
RLF products are developed based on the plants own detailed and individual physiology and related chemistry, in order to achieve the desired results from every formulation. This is the basis of all RLF products. This ensures the correct types of nutrient are delivered to the plant safely and efficiently.

Proven to Work
All RLF products are scientifically tested, trialled and proven in both
laboratory and field evaluations.