Bigger Roots | BSN Means Greater + Healthier Root Mass | Healthy Rhizosphere Stimulates Microbial Activity

Greater Root Mass

The root growth and rhizosphere activity (organic matter build up) in trials with different rates of phosphorus fertiliser shows that the better root activity is related to the BSN and is independent of fertiliser regime.

This proves that the movement of phosphorus from the seed influences the root growth of seedlings more than the soil-applied phosphorus during the early stages of seedling establishment.

Independent Tests Prove the BSN Effect on Root Mass

Healthy Rhizosphere Stimulate Microbial Activity

Using BSN on the seed reliably results in the development of a large root mass.

BSN root mass has a substantial increase in the number of fine root hairs and this gives an exponentially larger root surface area. As a result, BSN roots typically have a rich, bulky and healthy rhizosphere, all created by the larger root surface area generating a higher amount of plant exudate.

The plant exudate then provides the host for stimulated microbial activity, turning a BSN root mass into an efficient bulk of microbial activity where the conversion of soil based organic matter into inorganic ‘plant available’ nutrient occurs.