BSN is Effective in ALL Soil Types | Fertilising the Seed Bypasses the Soil

BSN is Effective in All Soil Types

BSN is effective and operates in all soil types and provides the optimum nutrient requirements directly into the seed.

The Independent results shown in section two confirm that nutrient levels in the soil are not a compelling factor in germination and early growth – and BSN removes any dependence on the soil because it fertilises the seed directly. The surrounding soil conditions, and the soil types, have little influence over the availability of the seed embryo to use the nutrients provided by BSN.

BSN Bypasses the Soil

In the previous section the results of independent trials have shown that the soil types, fertiliser rates and conditions are not an influence when compared to the levels of nutrient in the seed itself. This is why BSN can bypass the soil conditions to provide the seed directly with the nutrient balance required during this growth period.


Average Fertiliser Intake

The seed can achieve between 95 – 100% fertiliser uptake efficiency when compared with 15 – 30% uptake for plants relying on fertiliser from the soil.

What does this mean

This shows you that fertilising the seed by using BSN to imbibe a balanced nutrient package inside the seed, is the most effective and efficient method of providing nutrients directly to the plant when compared to foliar and soil-based products.

Without a root structure the nutrients for growth come only from the seed

When a seed is sown it absorbs moisture and activates its growth. At this important time the seed only has access to the nutrient value it contains inside. As a seed it has no way of finding or absorbing soil based nutrient – it depends exclusively on the nutrient stored in the seed itself. It simply doesn’t matter about the soil type, quality or nutrient status of the soil as the seed is totally reliant on its own nutrient content for the early germination and growth process.

At this time the seed set’s itself for future yield potential through the value of its nutrient status – based on its understanding of it’s potential the plant is already setting itself for future growth. BSN Seed Priming ensure maximum opportunity for future yield is set at this time.