BSN Results | Higher Yields, Quality and Values

Independent Trial Results

BSN has been independently tested in trials for over 15 years.

This has made BSN one of the most trialled and tested seed priming products, and has results in support of BSN for many crops and many environments. Some of the many replicated programs are shown below.


BSN seed priming has a number of physical effects and outcomes that create benefits as a direct result. 12 of these ‘cause and effect’ benefits are detailed here.

The results outlined, except for one large field trial, are of independent Replicated Trials. As independent replicated trials the figures represent a very high statistical relevance and some trials result show 95% or higher level of confidence. Achieving a range of Statistically Significant Results from a fertiliser that only costs $1-$2 per acre is exceptional and the significance of this should not be underestimated. The positive effect of BSN on yield was only obscured by paddock variability in 1 case out of 12 independent replicated trials as shown in the graph.

Change in yield resulting from BSN treatment in replicated independent trials, only EP* 2003 trial is independent large-scale trial. Median yield increase is 6.1% and average yield increase is 12.5%

RLF has many more positive field evaluation trials available for BSN however as they are not independent we have chosen not to include them in this document. The results provided can stand up to the highest level of
scientific scrutiny.

Whilst independent replicated trial results confirm BSN’s high level of effectiveness, what counts for the grower is the 10:1 Financial Return on the Investment BSN provides.


RLF has spent over 20 years working in the Southern Hemisphere with Australian growers. The environmental and climatic condition in Australia are harsh and generally lower soil quality and harder climate means lower yield rates in the fields. During the last 6 years, RLF has worked to introduce its products to the Northern Hemisphere with its combination of higher value soils, better climate and more reliable and higher yield rates.

Generally during this time the RLF products used in the Northern Hemisphere are working better. They seem more effective and are producing at a higher rate resulting is more direct yield response translating into producing higher trial results.

Summary of Results China

Trials have been condcuted in locations throughout the world. The details here showcase a range of trial results conducted in the Northern Hemisphere in China.