Interceptor XS


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Interceptor – XS is a Seed Priming fertiliser that applies the RLF technology called SDS to imbibe into the seed nutrient formulation designed for early root development.

Interceptor – XS is a HBS (High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution) that provides the seed embryo with the nutrients required to stimulate more early root development from germination.

This early nutrient is used to grow a better root structure resulting in bigger root mass, more fine root hairs and a healthier and active rhizosphere.

Interceptor – XS is one of the limited products available thats function is focused on the roots.

featuresProductTab1High-analysis Broad Spectrum
HPFHigh-Performance Formulations
PPCPlant Physiology
+ Chemistry
CNRCrop Nutrient Removal
Stable SolutionStable
Organic MatterBuild + Increase Organic Matter